I had two Lemon Vanilla jar candles that were poorly made and left a LOT of wax behind. I thought throwing them out would be a complete waste, so I decided to see if I could manage to revive them by melting them both down, inserting a new wick and pouring them together.

So I got out my canning pot and filled it two-thirds full with water. I had one that was completely burned down. I started with this one. I got it half melted, managed to get the old wick out, and when I was putting it back into the boiling water, it tipped on me and got water in the jar and fouled the whole thing up (however, it looks like it separated cleanly, so I'm going to see if I can get the water out once it resolidifies.

Since I knew what to look for the second time, it worked like a charm. I have the new wick in it, and before I trim it down, I'll see if I can separate the water from the wax on the other one and remelt that one and pour it on top of the one that is cooling now.

However, getting more life out of the candles is a neat thing, and the house smells good because of all the melted wax.

Ciao for now.


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