While I have been a big fan of ereaders on my PC. I'd only dabbled with them, downloading free ebooks here and there, but mostly reference type titles. I had not actually "read a book" like I am wont to do before bed each night.

There is a title I've been wanting to pick up at the bookstore, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. I have read all the reviews of Kindle, Nook, etc., all the lamentations of "It will never replace the feeling of having a real book in my hands, etc." I admit that even I, who have read many books online through Books 24x7, was skeptical of how I would like a true ereader such as a Kindle (also the reason I had not yet bought one).

I purchased my iPad at Christmas, and have loved how wonderfully portable it was, and all the convenience it has brought to my computing life. Tonight, I purchased a book through Amazon, and using the Kindle for iPad app, began using it as an ereader.

I am hopelessly, utterly in love. As someone who literally owns thousands of books, I will never buy a paper book again. Mostly because ebooks appeal to the 'green' side of me. No more paper, no more physical storage limitations (thought I can easily see how I may need a SAN to back up my library to digital). Truly amazing reading experience.

Also, the ability to resize text to accommodate failing eyesight is a huge plus. I may get an ereader for my father for just that purpose as he has stopped reading due to it just being too hard for him to see. A whole new world of books awaits him, if I can just convince him it's worth the effort. I think I'll get him hooked on my iPad when I visit in late May.

So this is me, giddy like a schoolgirl, over a new tech toy. Who'd a thunk it? Seriously? Duh.

Ciao for now.


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