We all hold on to many things - people, places, things, dreams and desires.

Sometimes, our emotional life looks like an episode of Hoarders. But most people can't see the clutter inside, even in themselves. So we move forward, accumulating more and more stuff, dragging ourselves further and further down from the inside without even knowing why we feel as though we do.

I've been letting go of a lot of stuff lately. I'm working on organizing a garage sale for a lot of my physical stuff (if you're local and you want dibs, contact me privately), but I'm also clearing out a lot of the emotional baggage as well.

There are relationships in my life that no longer serve a purpose. Friends, lovers, acquaintances, business associates, all are relationships of one kind or another. Even interacting with a stranger is a relationship, albeit a temporary or fleeting one.

It's all about being connected with everything around you. It's very daunting when you realize how interconnected we are even unconsciously. When you start to consciously drive yourself to create that connection on a conscious level, it's a really big deal.

Still, for me, it's about quality, not quantity of connections. It's about being true to myself above all, and realizing that sometimes, I can't help others make their dreams come true if their hearts are not in it. It's far past the time to let their dreams die, and all the symbols of it that had accumulated in my life.

Namaste Turtle. I loved you well.

Ciao for now.


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