While I know most of you write novels, and I'm going to be writing a business process type book, and other non-fiction type stuff, what is a good word count per chapter?

I'm just curious. I have no idea if I'm writing too little, too much, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Ciao for now.

From: [identity profile] neverwhere74.livejournal.com

When I was wrtting a book several years ago I tried to write 100-150 a day. I think any type of routine that you can set up would be good. I think the idea is to just write until the muse stops talking to you.

From: [identity profile] wytcheshonor.livejournal.com

Usually it's not by the chapter but by the word count. 60 to 80k words.

From: [identity profile] miintikwa.livejournal.com

What [livejournal.com profile] wytcheshonor said. It's exceedingly rare to find a non-fic book that's less than 55K total. Business books are usually on the long side, where 80-100K would not necessarily be excessive. OTOH, a 100K metaphysical book would be huge, and likely edits would be requested.


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