I have had the best luck with friending frenzies here on LJ. I think I may undertake one myself in June when I turn 50, or maybe when the book comes out, who knows.

Anyway, welcome, new readers. I look forward to perusing your pixels. The only thing that distresses me about these things is that by the time I manage to meet most of my friends list in real life, along comes a whole other passel of people I need to figure out how to meet in person.

Also, my LJ does feed facebook, so if it's easier for you to track your friend feed there, my username is onmyownterms (and I use the same stump icon, so you should be sure its me).

For those of you of the kinky persuasion, I do have an adults-only BDSM filter. Comment if you would like to be added. I also have a book feed that discusses my various and asundry writing projects, comment if you would like to be added there as well.

I think that's all I consider relevant right now, the rest you can figure out from reading old entries (warning, there are some years I didn't post much at all).

Ciao for now.


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