I am reading Rhonda Byrne's The Power simultaneously with Ester & Jerry Hick's The Vortex. Man, this is a crazy life. I just might have the tiger by the tail this time.

I have identified old habits I need to rid myself of, abandoned habits that need to come back to me and new habits to develop. Although I may be posting less, I assure you that I'm writing more. All those projects 'on the back burner' - well yeah, the stove is cranking and it's my goal to get two, if not three titles on the shelf by year's end.

Bless you all. May you have the lives you so richly deserve. Believe in yourself and it will happen.

Ciao for now.

From: [identity profile] annietopia.livejournal.com

What a positive post! I takes a strong person to really analyze her life and see things to adopt or remove. I am sure you will achieve these goals by the end of the year!

From: [identity profile] tinuvial.livejournal.com

Why thank you! One of the things I'm trying to do is to be more positive. If you go back in time in my journal, you'll see that hasn't always been the case. (I have a rather well-documented sarcastic streak). The thing I like about The Power is that it really drove home the fact that you just really need to get to 51% positive in your life, and then all the good things start to flood your existence. While it seems REALLY daunting to be 100% positive, 51% seems like an achievable goal.


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