I am creating a filter for a special project I am working on. It will be on flock (which, as you know, I do not use often). In addition, I reserve the right to refuse membership if I do not feel I know you all that well (there are people on my friends list who rarely comment and I don't know in real life... not sure I'd be comfortable with them on this filter).

This is as many details as I am willing to give out in the open. If you wish to be included in the filter, please comment here. I will post all of the details on the filter in my first post to it tomorrow, at which time, people will then be given the opportunity to 'opt out.'

I am excited about this project, and look forward to sharing it with those of you who choose to read. The filter is necessary due to my participation in LJ Idol: Season 7, since I anticipate an influx of readers.

Ciao for now.

Remember, there is a lesson in every choice that we make, yet at the same time, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer.

Ciao for now.

where you have a breakthrough in understanding.

Life is not meant to be hard. If whatever you are doing is hard, just stop. Look for those things that come to you effortlessly. That is where your bliss is.

Doing what comes to you naturally is where you find your joy. We are meant to be in joy. Effortlessness does not mean inactivity, or sloth. Effortlessness produces all the things that will bring you joy in life.

Those words indicate that I'm getting there. Wow. I just can't explain how "big" this is for me, but the words come faster and faster. Writing truly is my bliss.

Ciao for now.

before you can create the life that you deserve.

Ciao for now.


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