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( Jun. 11th, 2009 08:26 am)
Item #2-1 - Pat Benatar Greatest Hits, $3
Item #2-2 - The Best of Kenny Rogers: The Millennium Collection - $3
Item #2-3 - Andrea Bocelli Vivere Live in Tuscany (CD/DVD set) - $8
Item #2-4 - Macy Gray Big - $3
Item #2-5 - Evgeny Kissin - Mozart Piano Concerto No 24, Schumann Piano Concerto - $3
Item #2-6 - Sarah Brightman Symphony - $3
Item #2-7 - Nelly Furtado Loose: The Concert - $3
Item #2-8 - Sara Chang Vivaldi The Four Seasons - $3
Item #2-9 - Will*I*Am Songs About Girls - $3
Item #2-10 - Spice Girls Greatest Hits - $3

Lot price: Individually $35 , all together $30
For an explanation of iGo devices and to see the current retail price - www.igo.com

Item #1-1 Wall adapter, $5

Item #1-2 Car adapter, $5

Item #1-3 A32 tip (unlabeled, but I know it went to my Blackberry), $2

Item #1-4 A00 tip, $2

Item #1-5 A01 tip, $2

Item #1-6 A03 tip, $2

Item #1-7 A10 tip, $2

Item #1-8 A44 tip, $2

Item #1-9 iGo carrying case - $2

Taking the entire lot: (sold individually, $24, lot price: $20)

OK peeps, this is how it will go.

1) Only local (Atlanta metro) bidders, unless you are will to pay all shipping costs for the item, and that includes any necessary packing materials, etc. (which, of course, makes things more expensive than new).

2) First come, first served. Items will be posted on LJ in small groups. Pics will be included for some items of furniture, etc. First commenter gets the item. ***DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL I REPLY TO YOUR COMMENT CONFIRMING YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THE ITEM***

3) Cash or Pay Pal only. Bidders will have 48 hrs. to make payment prior to the item going back up on the blocks. When paying via Pay Pal, please include the Item # and description in the notes section of your payment.

I hope to have everything listed and sold by the 4th of July. Please bear with me, there is a ton of stuff here. However, I live near most of you who have expressed interest, and the small $0.25-$1.00 items will be at my house when you come to pick up your other stuff, and you can paw through those bins at that time. (Just how many 6' Ethernet cables does a girl need really? Or keyboards? Seriously over-populated here). The small items will not be described or listed, those are kinda like those 'grab bag' things you see sometimes.

The first lot will go up some time today. I will post lots of 10 items each, and there will be a mixture of stuff in each lot. Heh, my own personal EBay. Lots do not have to be purchased together, that was just the only word I could think of to describe how I'm going to be listing things.

Hope everyone finds this fair!

Ciao for now.


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